July 22, 2012


Im officially back. Yes indeed. I’ve been away for about 4 months, being stucked with my thesis and another routinity of works. Im thinking for a while what article should I post, to celebrated my official comeback :D. Then suddenly my friends text me that Calvin Klein is doing another perfume campaign. Im so excited, because I had joined their last campaign “CK Shock”, but im just got 1,2 ml free perfume. I guess im not really that luck. But they say, there always second chance right? So I joined their campaign again. And guess what ,I’ve got the 50ml of Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty. :D

This time Calvin Klein is promoting their new fragrance called “Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty”. Talking about sheer, its totally “today” fashion trend. Who could resist on how comfy and alluring when u wear sheer? In fact, from the sexual to the subtle, sheer elements now can be found highlighting and accenting every desirable part of a woman’s figure. Actually Sheer Beauty is a new edition of Beauty fragrance that was lauched on 2010. The original evokes timeless beauty and elegance, while the new edition turns to young women and emphasizes naturalness, self-confidence and charm.

The composition is floral – fruity, opening with notes of bergamot, red berries and peach Bellini. The perfume’s core includes flowers of peony, pink lily and jasmine. The base is velvety due to accords of sandalwood, musk and vanilla blossom. When i spritzed a little bit in the morning, and I was instantly struck by its warmth. I found that it was very soft and totally fit with young woman. Even after a couple of hours, it still had a strong presence that remained on my skin for most of the day. Totally captivating!

The bottle itself is designed as its predecessor, refreshed with pearly shades of blush color. With pink soft as the theme, its totally fit to woman’s image. The face of the fragrance is model Daphne Groeneveld. It is available from January 2012 as 30, 50 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette.

FYI, You guys could get a FREE Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty from any kind of sizes and its depend on you luck! Here is the step:
  1. add their Blackberry pin messenger 28939BC1
  2. change ur display picture bbm with the product of Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty
  3. change ur status bbm by promoting Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty
  4. make sure u follow their twitter @CKappreciateur
  5. then their admin would greet and text ur bbm to give u the passcode

For more information u could check their timeline @CKappreciateur .
This campaign is until July 25th 2012, so join now and challenge ur LUCK! Good LUCK! :)