February 20, 2012

Simple yet Comfy "Oxford Shoes"

From one of male's wardrobe, these items totally make us addicted of it. Comfy yet stylist. From jeans, tight, shorts, even maxi and mini dresses u can wear it together. There are also different kind of material from leather, velvet, canvas, etc.

Not just monochromatic and two tone colour but light colour like Paul Smith can be a great combination for day looks.

How to wear Oxford Shoes

Skinny jeans is the best pair to wear oxford. Mix it with semi blazer and fedora like Britney did, or syal and knee t-shirt like Nicole Richie. For more boyish look u can wear it with plain shirt and sweater also socks.

I love how Kate Bosworth wear those oxford with the floral dress and sling gold bag. Feminine and yet trendy. Or u can copy Sienna Miller who wear it with flared skirt and simple tangtop. Inspired by a uniform, Taylor Swift wear it with a black socks matching it with the flared skirt and loose top plus big belt.

Here are some of the inspiration from the runway

I also got this pic to make u guys easier get the the inspiration. I think oxford and blazer are totally matching. Its make a sophisticated look. Just wear with a simple t-shirt and jegging or cropped pants or bandage skirt.

As u can see , actually we can match oxford shoes with all kind of clothes. U can take inspired from the pics i get it to u, or probably u can make ur new creation. Fashion is about confidence.As long u comfort then it must be great to be looked. :) 

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