February 21, 2012

SNSD Goes To Burberry Prorsum F/W 2012 Presentation

Its every girls dream to be invited to the fashion runway especially the frontrow. Chance to see the "fresh from the oven" new collections,until meet ur favourite artist, designer, model,etc. And those chances now come to these 3 gorgeous ladies from SNSD. Tiffany, YooNa, and Seohyun were personally invited by Christopher Bailey, the Chief Creatice Officer of Burberry to attend the Burberry Prorsum F/W 2012 Presentation at London. They were invited as the representatives from Korea alongside with other artist from other country like Jolin Tsai from Taiwan, Vivian Hsu, Will.I.Am, Rosie Huntington, and many more.

I have to say they once again take the storm for go international. After their US debut performance at David Letterman Show and Kelly Rippa Show, also launching of their US album "The Boys". The event already done successfully and u can look the photos and videos from the event.

 * I think beside Seohyun is Jolin Tsai ( one of a famous female solo singer at Taiwan )

Christopher Bailey, Tiffany, Yoona, Seohyun 

Ecletic Print Trench Coat @ Burberry.com $2.995
Beaded Woven Belt @ Burberry.com $650
Herringbone Waven Rattan Clutch @ Burberry.com $1.695
Striped Wedge Woven Leather Boots @ Burberry.com $1.495

Spring 2012 RTW 
Beaded Woven Wedge Sandals @ Burberry.com $1.095

Spring 2012 RTW 
Beaded Canvas Check Clutch @ Burberry.com $1.295
Woven Leather Wedge Sandals @ Burberry.com $1.495

This is the videos from the events

Im so in love with Yoona's maxi dress. Totally fit with her image. Her sleek and slender figure also make it more shining with the green soft colour. Tiffany already change her hair colour and thats suit her perfectly. Seohyun wear the trademark of  Burberry's coat but with a new sophicticated motif. Actually, I prefer her to wear something different like dresses or maxi. Cause she also has a great and slender body. I also in TOTALLY IN LOVE with their wedges. Very trendy and tribal! Suit to wear with maxi or even mini dresses like Tiffany;s wear. Such a prestige rite. Im totally happy for the girls! We will wait ur next album and another "sensation" from u guys!


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  5. Yoona is very beautiful! Her dress is also stunning!

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